Contamination of hose, tube and pipe represents a major problem to industry as it directly causes break downs requiring extensive repairs at a cost which is impossible to measure. Until now, no reliable and cost effective method of cleaning the internal surface of hose, tube and pipe has been developed.

The CE (Contamination Eliminator) System was developed to effectively remove contamination from hydraulic lines, arising out of the manufacture, cutting and fitting of new assemblies. It was evident that a method was required to overcome the problem caused by the extensive component and system malfunctions due to particles of contamination. It was equally evident that the traditional methods such as utilising pull-throughs, blowing out the lines with air, or flushing with oils, solvents or chemicals were inefficient. Frequently these methods involved substantial labour and material costs. Solvents and chemicals utilised in the process represented a hazard to the user and often created disposal problems, having regard to the toxicity of the chemicals and the resultant environmental concerns. This has now expanded into many and varied industries.

How The System Works

compriThe CE system represents a revolutionary application of existing technology to remove contamination from hose, tube and pipe. It overcomes the problems associated with the reliance upon chemicals and solvents and significantly reduces the cost of labour and material as well as reducing downtime of plant or equipment.

The CE system achieves this complex task by propelling a projectile slightly larger in external diameter than the internal diameter of the hose, tube or pipe and launches this projectile pneumatically though it. Consequently, the projectile expands against the internal surface thereby substantially eliminating the contaminants, whether they be liquid or solid. Bends, curves or right angles in the hose, tube or pipe make no difference to the effectiveness of the CE system.



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