PKFlo commenced operations in 1996 as PK Engineering and Maintenance Products, predominately as an industrial products supplier. The founder had a long history in valve sales going back to the 1970’s with an engineering trade background prior to that. Over time, valves, actuation and associated pipeline equipment has been the major focus of the operation, hence the change of name to PK FLOW SOLUTIONS.

Untitled-2We pride ourselves on our motto ‘ENGINEERED’ PRODUCTS, ‘ENGINEERED’ SOLUTIONS which indicates the thought and care that precedes the selection and recommendation of products to our customers. We strive to assist our customers to achieve the best possible outcome, with products and service tailored to suit their needs. In 2013 we were accredited to ISO 9001 – 2008.

Our product range has developed around ‘the control and movement of fluids’ a brief overview is included in the company profile, available at the bottom of each page.

We have a warehousing and distribution facility in Brisbane Queensland and have the ability to consolidate orders, procure specials and respond quickly to our customer’s needs.

I invite you our customers to let us know how we can best satisfy your needs. If, that is providing additional services and products not currently in our range or, if we are not looking after you well enough please let us know.

Please let us know, because we specialise in……

“Relieving the pressure with flow control solutions”